CSTS Dinamika acquires international patent for wide-angle visual systems


In December 2013 Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) awarded CSTS Dinamika an international patent for the manufacturing of large size mirrors from thin mirror film. Earlier, in February 2010 the method was patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Currently Dinamika has patents for the method pending in a number of other countries.

Non-central optical-collimation visual systems manufactured on the basis of film mirrors are an important part of the whole range of aviation simulators where it is necessary to provide wide vertical FOV and to create for both pilots a feeling of panoramic view remoteness at infinity. According to international requirements such systems are particularly important for high-level simulators designed for civil aviation pilots. Today the technology named WIDE (Wide-angle Infinity Display Equipment) allows receiving seamless systems for out-of-the-cockpit environment with FOV (60°V x 260°H). Similar systems were for the first time developed abroad in early 80s and nowadays there are only a few companies exclusively delivering systems of the WIDE type.

Several years ago Dinamika's specialists developed and successfully tested on a model the technology of receiving large mirrors from Mylar thin mirror film. At present the company is accomplishing several projects using this technology and is planning to manufacture full-size mirror film models.

Manufacturing of panoramic collimation visual systems will help overcome market monopoly and within time to eliminate one of the main obstacles that hinder domestic manufacturing of civil aviation simulators certifiable against international standards.

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