Dinamika wins "Aviation company of the year" competition


September 17 took place Organising committee of “Aviation company of the year” competition under the chairmanship of Director General FSUE TsAGI Boris Aleshin.

According to voting results on the year 2013 CJSC CSTS Dinamika was pronounced the winner in the category “Successful performance of State (including defense) order” for series of works on training complexes development for training Air Force combat unions aviation personnel”.

In the network of State order 2013 CSTS Dinamika delivered to the Ministry of Defense six training complexes for training Air Force combat unions aviation personnel:

  • Mi-8AMTSH training complex;
  • Mi-8MTV-5 training complex (two sets);
  • Mi-28N training complex;
  • Ka-52 training complex;
  • MiG-31BM training complex.

Recently the company started deliveries of new and more effective training equipment, switching from single simulator production to development of integrated training complexes that can in different combinations include CBT, part-task trainer, engineering simulator and full mission simulator. Actually nowadays Dinamika suggests complete solutions that provide the whole cycle of ground training for aviation-related personnel directly participating in combat missions.

The competition is held at the initiative of JSC UAC, JSC UEC, JSC Russian Helicopters, NPP Union of Aviation Industrialists and CJSC Novikombank.

More than 100 companies of aviation industry took part in competition in 10 categories.

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