CSTS Dinamika completes IL-78 FMS state testing


CSTS Dinamika’s Full Mission Simulator for the Il‑78 refueling tanker aircrews has recently passed the State Testing procedure. First-ever full-featured Il‑78 simulator from a Russian manufacturer, the Il‑78 FMS provides comprehensive training for the entire Il‑78 aircrew including pilots, navigator, flight engineer, radio operator and aerial refueling operator. For CSTS Dinamika this project is unique too ‑ as a first effort at a heavy transport airplane simulator.

The Il‑78 FMS is intended for initial and recurrent training of the Il‑78 aircrews in piloting, navigation, aircraft equipment handling and crew coordination procedures including joint operations by the refueling tanker and receiver aircraft crew members with the receiver aircraft crew inputs simulated from the IOS.

To replicate aerial refueling from the Il‑78 tanker, twelve flight dynamics models were developed for various types of receivers. The simulation also includes tanker trail effect on receiver aircraft.

State testing was performed by seasoned pilots, navigators and engineers from the Valery Chkalov State Flight Testing Center (SFTC). After corrections were made as recommended by the SFTC experts, the tanker aircraft dynamics math model employed in the FMS received a very high rating thanks to its realistic representation of the aircraft behavior. With its excellent training and skill-maintaining capabilities confirmed by the state testing, the new FMS is expected to contribute to the Il‑78 aircraft operational efficiency.

The FMS cockpit includes three modules: upper deck flight compartment, navigator’s compartment and refueling operator compartment. The FMS visual system provides global out-of-cockpit view for the flight crew and refueling operator during day- and nighttime aerial refueling operations. Besides that, the system enables simulation of the receiver aircraft approaching the tanker with the distance to the receiver aircraft and the probe-and-drogue refueling process accurately represented. The Il‑78 FMS is delivered with a virtual reality scene developed based on digital cartography data. The scene includes 33 airdromes, seven of which are replicated with a high level of detail (high-fidelity representation).

The Il‑78 FMS project has provided CSTS Dinamika with the necessary background to be selected as the leading contractor in the technical training aids development project for the new Il‑76MD‑90A aircraft and its refueling tanker version, the Il‑78M‑90A.

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