CSTS Dinamika: Mi-171Sh FFS to train foreign pilots


CSTS Dinamika has finished assembling two full flight simulators for training flight crews of the Mi-171Sh helicopter, transport variant of the Mi-8AMTSh assault transport helicopter. The simulators have been developed within the framework of target program for the development of RF MoD higher education institutions and training centers with a view to providing training services to international operators of Russian defense technology products.

The Mi-171SH simulators have passed type tests carried out by test pilots and engineers from the MoD RF Chkalov State Flight Test Center. Earlier in 2013 Dinamika passed state testing of the Mi-8AMTSh training complex, which incorporates the Mi-8AMTSh FMS. Based on the results of the Mi-171Sh FMS testing, Dinamika has settled upon series manufacturing of the FMS for the needs of the RF MoD.

At the end of December 2014 the Mi-171Sh Full Mission Simulators will be delivered to Syzran Higher Military Pilot School and Torzhok Army Aviation Combat and Conversion Training School.

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