Ministry of Defense RF to receive new Mi-28N and Ka-52 training complexes


CSTS Dinamika has started series assembly of new training complexes for the personnel of the Mi-28N and Ka-52 helicopters.

Earlier technical and operational specifications of the prototype Mi‑28N and Ka‑52 training complexes were verified by the experts from Chkalov State Flight & Test Center.

For the first time training complexes will be delivered in a more comprehensive version including FMS, CBT, forward air controller operation station, tactical environment simulation complex, as well as Express-analysis of Trainees’ Progress (EATP) capabilities to provide detailed analysis of trainees’ actions after training sessions. The new training complexes will also feature simulation of combat operations, which will considerably extend their training capability. Besides theoretical and simulation training, pilots will be able to master tactical maneuvers related to combat employment of the newest helicopters operated by the RF Army.

New training complexes are meant to increase training quality for flight crews, engineers and forward air controllers before missions. MoD RF is to receive Mi-28N and Ka-52 training complexes by the end of 2015.

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