CSTS Dinamika is the first Russian manufacturer to implement a fundamentally new approach to the design of technical training aids that enable training in the scope prescribed for the person- nel of military fixed and rotary wing aircraft by applicable combat training programs. According to the new approach, standalone simulators must give place to integrated training complexes that may comprise various combinations of computer-based training systems, multiple simulators of varying complexity, ground operator stations that may communicate with the aircrew in the course of a combat mission and also a tactical environment simulation system. To date CSTS Dinamika has built such integrated training complexes for the personnel of Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-8AMTSh, Mi-8MTV-5-1, MiG-31BM and Su-34 aircraft. All of these complexes are currently operated by the RF Air Force combat units.

Typical ITC for training crew of aircraft
Example 1. Typical ITC for training crew of aircraft

Typical ITC for training crew of helicopter
Example 2. Typical ITC for training crew of helicopter

The next challenge will be development of multifunctional tactical simulator complexes for joint tactical training with multiple military units. Besides individual personnel training, such complexes provide efficient training for all levels of military command. For the first time in Russia, Dinamika in cooperation with a number of domestic research institutes and companies has participated in the development of a multifunctional tactical simulator complex for joint exercises of the Air Force and Naval Air Defense units. This complex enables training and practicing of efficient coordination procedures with the enemy’s counter actions simulated.